Over the years, I've observed the amazing way that teachers make their classrooms interesting and active environments for their students.

When I designed a mural for a school wall in 2018, I was struck by how much of an impact it had, and how much it changed the feel of the school. So I got a bit obsessed with the big empty walls -- and I've spent the last couple of years trying to figure out affordable ways to add large-scale color learning spaces, in ways that give educators tools to easily create cohesive pieces. I spoke with current and former teachers, with principals, school superintendents, food directors, facilities managers, parents, and students.

Project Luma's ever-expanding modular collection of posters, wall decals, and banners will allow educators to easily create impactful wall installations -- both temporary and permanent. With timeless messages for students of all ages and simple clean designs, I hope the pieces will enrich a classroom, hallway, or auditorium.

If you have suggestions or requests for pieces, please send me an email at info@projectluma.com.


Lora Watts
graphic designer • artist • illustrator