A principal stands in front of a set of banners.

Due to their longevity, banners might be thought of as an investment. If you get banners that work together, you can grow a collection over time, making it increasingly useful and flexible.

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A versatile and coordinated library of banners is the central idea of Project Luma, practically from the beginning — because my primary goal has always been to empower schools to create large impactful wall displays, and make it easy to change them frequently in order to facilitate a more dynamic visual environment for students.
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I've opted for fabric banners instead of the ubiquitous glossy vinyl, mostly because fabric just looks better.

Banners are printed on demand; production turnaround time is about one week, not including shipping.
• All banners shown on this site are for interior spaces. If you require outdoor materials, let me know.
IMPORTANT: In order to meet printer minimums, banners will be sold in sets -- only banners larger than 30 sq.ft. can be sold individually.

Sample banner mock-ups:

Since there are many options, contact me to create a set for your school.